It’s a new year and spring is almost here, so what better way to welcome the season than with some spring cleaning? When we think of spring cleaning, we usually think of tidying up and organizing a home or workspace. What about your social media accounts? It’s important to keep your online life clean, up-to-date and professional. Wondering where or how to start? We’ve made it easy by sharing our top five tips!

1. Get up-to-date. Your profile picture is usually someone’s first impression of your online profile. If it’s outdated, consider replacing it with a more recent photo expressing your personal brand or a professional headshot. Make sure your bio highlights your professional self, but don’t be afraid to let your personality show. If you have a personal or company website, add the link to your bio. For platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter consider having a header image that reflects your personal brand too! 

2. Manage your photos and highlights. Go through all the photos posted on your accounts and consider deleting or archiving photos that may be inappropriate for future employers to see. If you have story highlights on Instagram, it may be helpful to organize them and add story covers. When using story covers, be sure to keep them consistent with each other.

3. De-clutter your feed. Time to go through your followers, following and likes. Un-follow any inappropriate or inactive (“ghost”) accounts. Take a look at who follows you, and block accounts that may be spam. Be careful when hitting that “like” button! People who follow your account have the ability to view your recent likes too. 

4. Let your personality shine through. Students often view the need for separate accounts for their personal and professional lives — why can’t they both be mixed? Social media accounts are digital versions of our own personal branding. Make sure your feed and timeline reflect who you are, both personally and professionally. Don’t be afraid to mix the two together!

5. Highlight new projects your working on. This tip is applicable specifically for LinkedIn. LinkedIn is more than just a platform that has your headshot and a bio explaining what you study in school. Make sure to update your Linkedin timeline with your own professional achievements. You posted a new blog post? Just got published on a newspaper? Just accepted an internship offer? Let your LinkedIn profile reflect these moments!

Cleaning up your social media may seem like a bother, but it’s important to remember that keeping your social media professional, clean and up-to-date is crucial for emerging professionals. Using these easy tips will help you get your social media spring cleaning done in no time!

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