Internships. The application process can be intimidating, overwhelming and seem impossible at times. But, even if you don’t realize it, you have everything you need to succeed in this upcoming internship season.

Securing an internship is hard work, but luckily, some of the current members of Alpha PRoductions have mastered the art of the internship process, from applications to interviews and the job itself, so we’ve gathered up the best tips and tricks we know to help students be as successful as possible. 

Tip #1: Be organized and diligent during the search and application process.

Picking internships to apply to can be overwhelming. Start the search by narrowing it to cities of interest and finding organizations with internships available nearby. Then, create a spreadsheet to keep track of all of the applications you’re interested in. Make sure to include the link to the company’s website, internship title, materials needed to apply, application deadline, a point of contact if one exists and the questions you want to ask during the interview. 

Before applying and interviewing, be sure to research the company. Show them how you’d be an asset to their team by using keywords from the internship listing and highlighting how you exemplify the skills and characteristics they’re looking for. And while you’re working on your resume, triple check it for errors. Read it out loud, ask a friend or mentor to review it for you, and then read it all again. If you find yourself stuck on resume building or format, the Career Connections Center is a very helpful and informative resource. 

Tip #2: Make connections and impressions.

Your network is key to getting through the front door, but your talent and hardwork is what will get you the position. Take every opportunity to make and use your connections from school, LinkedIn, professional development opportunities and previous or future internships. The network you are building has the potential to influence your professional life now and years down the line, so get to know the people around you, and make a good impression! 

Unsure of where to start? Here’s a must-do: After every interview, send a follow-up email within the hour. 

Not quite to the interview stage yet? Try reaching out to people that have had an internship of interest to you. Talking to friends, peers or other LinkedIn connections is a beneficial way to learn about how they got the internship and what it was like behind the scenes. Plus, they might be able to give you interview talking points or insight on what to expect during the application process. 

Tip #3: Work hard, and be confident in your hard work. 

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Applying for internships can seem intimidating and impossible at times, but be confident in yourself! Your experience, involvements and skillset will get you far. 

Once you get the internship, always ask questions, and be ready to learn. Your hard work won’t go unnoticed! Plus, your dedication might just lead to a future job opportunity or a great recommendation letter.

And no matter what, be open to opportunities. If you don’t land your dream internship, don’t give up. Accept another offer, and try to learn about other teams you aren’t a part of, ask questions, take on extra tasks and do everything you can to learn as much from every experience you get. Everything you do can contribute to your skillset and help you along the path to becoming a well-rounded PR professional. And don’t worry – you’re well on your way. 

Good luck on your applications!


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