As we begin the last month of the semester, there’s one question on everyone’s mind – are we done yet? Between Zoom fatigue, finals and the internship/job hunt, this final stretch can feel like months rather than weeks.

This year has brought unique circumstances that have challenged us more than ever before. It can be hard to see the finish line, but hopefully these tips will help you end the semester strong.

Stay organized.

The final weeks of the semester are overwhelming. Looming deadlines and extracurriculars can become hard to keep track of, so find a method to stay organized.

Whether it be physical or digital, don’t underestimate the value of a planner. Write down your daily to-do list, jot down important meetings and track ideas as they pop into your head. Personally, I carry my planner with me wherever I go and constantly update my calendar. If this isn’t your style, check out free online resources like Google Calendar.

Get it done.

After arranging your calendar and to-do list, the next step is staying on top of your work. It can be easy to procrastinate or push assignments to the side, but it’s important to complete work as it comes.

Find what works best for you. Each person has different study habits that make them the most productive. Make a playlist, find a study buddy or designate a certain area as your workspace. If you can discover your productivity groove, you will find that completing your work isn’t as intimidating as it seems.

Take breaks.

Yes, get your work done as soon as possible. But also recognize when you need a break. The stress of the final weeks of classes, specifically in the context of this difficult year, can be a lot to carry.

When it’s all feeling like too much, but put down your textbooks and shut your laptop. Do something that fulfills you, whether that be watching a movie, going out to eat or taking a walk. Personally, I allot time to do a digital detox each week. I step back from my devices and take a walk or hammock by Lake Alice. This short break reminds me how important it is to take time for myself and gives me perspective that makes me more focused when I get back to work.

Take advantage of resources.

Lastly, use the resources available to you. If you’re feeling lost, don’t be afraid to reach out to friends or professors. You are not alone, and the people around you are there to help.

You can also check out the resources offered through UF. The Counseling and Wellness Center has designed resources specifically to help students manage the end of the semester. Make sure that above all, you are prioritizing yourself.

Let’s finish this semester strong!

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