Alpha PRoductions is proud to announce its 2022 to 2023 Managing Team. The incoming positions are as follows: Lauren Garelick, managing director; Ceci Edelberg and Desiree Anello, assistant managing directors; Anna Bernstein, director of operations and Maggie Murphy, director of communications. Learn about our new directors in this Q&A.

What are your goals as Managing Director?

Lauren Garelick

I have two main goals as managing director. The first is to build a community where everyone feels supported. I want every member of Alpha to know that they are never working alone, and our team is always here to help. My second goal is to clearly define the results of our work as a firm. I want our members to leave Alpha with measurable evidence of what they have accomplished. This will make them very attractive candidates for internships and jobs.”

What changes are you planning to implement while in this position?

I am considering several changes. First, I think it’s time that Alpha goes back in person. This will help our members to form strong relationships with each other and collaborate on client projects. Also, I’d like to work with PRSSA to host more joint events. All of our Alphas are also PRSSA members, and I want us to take advantage of that membership.”

Alpha PRoductions will have two new assistant managing directors, Ceci Edelberg and Desiree Anello.

What are you looking forward to most in the position of Assistant Managing Director?

Ceci Edelberg

As an assistant managing director, I want to make sure I can represent Alpha in a positive way to our clients. I also want to have a good relationship with the account supervisors and make sure they love Alpha! I am really looking forward to continuing to grow as a PR student and learning from the amazing people on the team.”

What are your goals as an Assistant Managing Director?

Desiree Anello

“As assistant managing director, I hope to create a space in which each person is able to explore and grow new skills while feeling completely supported in their endeavors. I hope to encourage clear communication and transparency between teams, leadership and clients.”

Anna Bernstein will be returning to her position from 2021 to 2022 as director of operations.

What would you like to do differently this year while in this position? 

Anna Bernstein

This year I would like to open the new business committee to all members of Alpha PRoductions and allow them to learn about how we source new clients and continue to build our roster. I am also excited to update our pitch decks!”

How does collaboration play a role in your position? 

Collaboration is extremely important to my position as I have to work closely with our managing director, the new business committee and our prospective clients to ensure that we create a plan that works well for everyone involved.”

Finally, Maggie Murphy will be the new director of communications. 

What are you looking forward to most in this position?

Maggie Murphy

I am most looking forward to getting the chance to work on my leadership skills and collaborate with the team. I have spent a lot of time learning how to be both an ethical and effective leader. I can’t wait to connect with the rest of the organization and help Alpha PRoductions grow as a firm and hopefully help foster personal growth within our team as well.”

How are you hoping to collaborate with the other members of the management team?

Communication is key to collaboration. Communication is an important piece of leadership because no two people are exactly alike, they hear messages in different ways. Moreover, I am hoping to learn from those on the Alpha PRoductions team and create an amazing networking community. The ability to form relationships in leadership is important as it facilitates both trust and respect, in turn, facilitating healthy and effective collaboration.”

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